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Need Debian Developer for TWINE package

Debian Developer Gurus;

There is a really neat new LGPL Windows porting tool
available that appears to not be supported by the
Debian community.  I would like to correct this
situation.  The tool is called TWINE and is available


The porting library is a combination of Twin and Wine.
It has been built and tested on RedHat, SuSE,
Slackware, and Caldera's distributions of Linux, but
Debian is not represented.

I have successfully built this program on my Debian
2.1 laptop and it works pretty good.  I have gotten
several windows programs to execute successfully.  The
real strength of this tool is not its direct execution
of windows binaries (like Wine), but its ability to
recompile windows MSCV++ source code, even with MFC

Is there some Debian developer who would like to
package this tool for inclusion in Debian?  I'd like
to package it but I am not a developer.  I am willing
to help a developer and send you my working version
and provide any technical assistance.

TWINE is an important effort, distinct from Wine and
Twin, that could potentially revolutionize Linux.
Allowing a simple recompile of MSVC++ source code to
create a native linux application with windows look
and feel could potentially bring a flood of new
developers and applications to the linux operating
system.  This is too important to ignore.

Please contact me for more information.  If no
existing Debian maintainer volunteers, I will apply to
become a Debian package maintainer for TWINE.  The
recent thread on requiring months to be approved as a
package maintainer has me concerned though...

Andrew Lynch
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