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Re: final version of the new logo needed

On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Steve Greenland wrote:

> At the risk of starting a flame war, why do we need gif? It seems to me
> to be a violation of our general principles to push a format that cannot
> be produced with free software. Ok, I know there are subtleties about
> compressed vs. non-compressed, but even if *we* do the correct thing,
> using gifs promotes the idea that gifs are okay, and most people will
> not observe the way we wriggled around the patent issue.

I really have to here-here this.  Are there any browsers that don't
understand JPEGs?  I will sleep easier knowing I haven't helped push a
format we can't legally create in some parts of the world without a
licence.  I am quite disappointed to discover that the Debian pages use
gifs exclusively :((((



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