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Re: RTP: Pari

In article <E10oYB2-0003Op-00@polya> you write:
>I received a request from a user about the Pari package.  I simply
>don't have time at the moment to think about adopting another package,
>but if someone is interested, it's sitting in project/orphaned.  (It's
>an algebraic number theory package, if I recall correctly.)
The version in orphaned is very old (1.39 or so) and the current version
2.x is much better.  However there are some licence problems.  It's
certainly not generically free and I think it must have got into the
main distribution my mistake.  I wasn't able to decide what the conditions
for redistribution were exacly so I've resorted to compiling it locally,

Alan Bain

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