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Re: Gettext solution (Was: Re: gettext packages)

> > > I really would like to see gettext as being considered an important
> > > package.  As Debian increasingly provides internationalised programs,
> > > a Good Thing, it is going to be increasingly annoying always to have
> > > to either check for gettext's presence or to Depend upon it.
> > [...]
> After contacting the gettext author, a far better solution has
> presented itself than using the gettext script directly: use bash for
> any i18n shell scripts and the $"..." syntax of bash.  This calls the
> gettext intl library directly (via libc) without needing any external
> binaries.  This is, of course, the canonical correct solution to the
> problem, rendering this whole feature request unnecessary.

 Check the `bug' package for a demonstration of this. I've created a perl
script to extract the localizable messages too (look in the src package for

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