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Re: gettext packages

On Mon, 31 May 1999, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> I really would like to see gettext as being considered an important
> package.  As Debian increasingly provides internationalised programs,
> a Good Thing, it is going to be increasingly annoying always to have
> to either check for gettext's presence or to Depend upon it.

Sorry but I disagree: adding two lines at the beginning of a
shell script does not make it "annoying". It makes it more portable
very easily without having to pay a high price.

Please read the /root/.bash_profile file in the base system or read the
archives to see a good example of this.

> An interesting possibility I have just thought of is that of i18n of
> maintainer scripts.  If it is known that gettext is installed as part
> of the base system, possibly even marked Essential, then any non-base
> maintainer scripts can make use of gettext.  (Although perl one's will
> have other problems.)

Even if we decide to internationalize maintainer scripts, there is not
still a reason to give gettext the essential flag. For some users, it
may be essential, for some users, it may not. Let us do one thing at a
time. gettext is currently optional. If people agree, I will ask the ftp
maintainers to make it of "standard" priority.


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