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Re: ip-{up,down} scripts

On Sun, May 30, 1999 at 03:17:14AM +0100, Steve Haslam wrote:
> I think what you wanted was to have a generic parameter "LOCAL" to be
> sent to ip-{up,down}.d fragments, so package maintainers can guess
> whether their script should be run or not...
You got it right! I think that a parameter that defines this could
be of some help so each package doesn't have to do the check on it's
own way. I'll take the example of chrony (keeps your system clock with
a time server). It is a daemon always running to which a command is sent
when you become online. If you establish a connection with pppd with
another machine while offline, your syslog gets filled with "Network is
Unreachable" messages ... pretty annoying. In this case, a simple check

[ $LOCAL -eq 0 ] || exit 0

would be neat and easy. If you (as a system administrator) don't like
it, you're still free not to use the variable and to it your own
way but it seems clear that (at least in this case) the script must
not be run on every connections.

> imho, this sort of decision should be entirely made by the system
> administrator, and not by package maintainers.
But the package maintainers must provide usable defaults.
> Which does the job just as well (imho).
It does it well indeed but I'm not arguing that.


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