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Re: FHS adoption (was: weekly policy summary)

Julian Gilbey wrote:
> I guess that this last comment is the reason that this proposal has
> been marked as stalled.

Nah, I just mark things stalled if there's no discussion for a week and we
don't seem to have a consensus. It doesn't really mean anything. Don't read
too much into the policy weekly postings, they have no formal meaning after

Reviewing the thread, there were seconds and no objections or other
discussion for 2 weeks now -- I goofed; we appear to have a consensus. Let's
make it an amendment. Trying to figure out if we have a consensus is the
only hard part of posting these summaries - if someone thinks we have a
consensus I encourage them to post that to the list so we don't have to rely
on me to sense them.

Adopt the FHS in place of FSSTND (#37345)
  * Consensus for 2 weeks.
  * Proposed on 09 May 99 by Julian Gilbey; seconded by Joseph Carter,
    Aaron Van Couwenberg and Marco d'Itri.
  * Modify policy to require use of the FHS, with possible exceptions.

see shy jo

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