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Re: Intent to package manpages-pt_BR

On Sat, 29 May 1999, Rafael Caetano dos Santos wrote:

 > I've asked the mantainer to change the package name to manpages-pt_BR.

it will not be any better to you, as you can;t really use underscore
in package name. packaging manual says:

4.2.1. `Package'

     The name of the binary package. Package names consist of the
     alphanumerics and `+' `-' `.' (plus, minus and full stop). [1]

     [1]  The characters `@' `:' `=' `t't> `_' (at, colon, equals,
          and underscore) used to be legal and are still accepted when
          found in a package file, but may not be used in new packages

     They must be at least two characters and must start with an
     alphanumeric. In current versions of dpkg they are sort of
     case-sensitive[1]; use lowercase package names unless the package
     you're building (or referring to, in other fields) is already

     [1]  This is a bug.

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