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Intent to package manpages-pt_BR


I intend to package manpages-pt_BR, which contains the manpages of
sections 2-5 and 7 translated into Brazilian Portuguese. I'm not sure
whether I should include sections 1 and 8 (which are probably the most

The upstream source can be found at 

I've asked the mantainer to change the package name to manpages-pt_BR.

The manpages have been translated by the LIE-BR project (Linux
Internationalization Effort-Brazil, http://lie-br.conectiva.com.br), and
are now mantained by LDP-BR project (http://ldp-br.conectiva.com.br).  

If you wanna help translating manpages into Portuguese, take
a look at the LDP-BR site and subscribe to the mailing list. 

    Rafael Caetano <rcaetano@linux.ime.usp.br>

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