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Re: ITP: PalmOS Emulator (POSE)

On Sat, May 29, 1999 at 01:38:15PM -0500, Ben Darnell wrote:
> Here's the license statement from the source distribution:
> -----------------------------------------
> The Palm OS Emulator is Open Source.  Loosely, this means that we make
> the source code available so that others can alter it for their own
> needs.  All we ask is that:
> (a) you don't change it in such a way that it reflects badly on us, and
> (b) you submit your changes back to us so that we can merge them into
>         the main version of the product.  Changes should can be
> submitted
>         to me (krollin@palm.com) or Developer Support (devsupp@palm.com)
>         if I've been fired.
> ------------------------------------------
> IIRC, there was some controversy recently about a clause similar to (b)
> in another license.  Is this license free enough to go into contrib, or
> must it be in non-free?

Sorry, this is not a license at all. It does not permit anything, for
example, it doesn't permit redistribution in any form.

Please suggest them to choose a suitable license, for example the GPL or
BSD. Then, they should add something like this:

"We like to get feedback. Please submit your changes..."

As long as it does not REQUEST that changes MUST be submitted it os okay.
Otherwise it is non-free.

Further discussion on debian-legal. Reply To set.


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