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ITP: PalmOS Emulator (POSE)

I would like to package the recently-released Unix port of the PalmOS
Emulator (POSE).  The emulator itself is Open Source, but it will go in
contrib since it depends on non-distributable ROM files (these files can
either be transferred from a Palm device or downloaded from 3com's
website after signing a license agreement)

Differences between POSE and xcopilot:
* POSE does not yet support debugging with GDB or serial I/O emulation
* xcopilot is faster than POSE
* POSE supports the 3.1 and 3.2 ROMs (from the Palm IIIx, V, and VII)
* POSE includes Gremlins (a testing utility)
* POSE is still under active development by 3com, while xcopilot has not
been modified since last August

Here's the license statement from the source distribution:
The Palm OS Emulator is Open Source.  Loosely, this means that we make
the source code available so that others can alter it for their own
needs.  All we ask is that:

(a) you don't change it in such a way that it reflects badly on us, and

(b) you submit your changes back to us so that we can merge them into
        the main version of the product.  Changes should can be
        to me (krollin@palm.com) or Developer Support (devsupp@palm.com)

        if I've been fired.
IIRC, there was some controversy recently about a clause similar to (b)
in another license.  Is this license free enough to go into contrib, or
must it be in non-free?

Ben Darnell

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