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Re: newbie comments on editor choice

  I have heard similar comments to "I doubt I ever take the time to
learn vi" and
it concerns me that many people are missing out on an excellent editor.
vi is one
of the most powerful editors I have ever used, ranging from full
document substitutions
to deleting every blank line with one simple command. If you take few
minutes to 
give vi a chance you will soon be able to do complex editing very


> elbertgeorge wrote:
> I am a newbie.  My primary focus is Physics but I've explored a fair
> amount of CS courses along the way, so I'm not a totally fumbling
> newbie.  But in terms of Linux I downloaded and installed for the
> first time just the other day.  So I claim newbie status. :=)
> As a newbie, let me say that AE is workable.  I can immediately do
> simple editing.  I doubt I ever take the time to learn vi.  It was
> NTemacs that woo-ed me into the Linux camp.  Emacs was the first
> download after base.  I "wallowed" in running emacs from a unix prompt
> before ftping more packages to dselect.
> Yeah...i have a winmodem... :=(
> In terms of making an "edlin" sort of pervasive basic text editor
> available, AE works for this newbie.  For basic fundamental services
> small is beautiful.  Initially, simple is supreme.  (A full screen
> editor is worth the added complexity...did not mean edlin
> literally...)  For a base install think "keep it simple".  And do
> remember us newbies!
> PS  thanks!  for exsisting, i mean! :=)
> PSS seems like I recieved AE and tiny-elvis...

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