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newbie comments on editor choice

I am a newbie.  My primary focus is Physics but I've explored a fair amount of CS courses along the way, so I'm not a totally fumbling newbie.  But in terms of Linux I downloaded and installed for the first time just the other day.  So I claim newbie status. :=)
As a newbie, let me say that AE is workable.  I can immediately do simple editing.  I doubt I ever take the time to learn vi.  It was NTemacs that woo-ed me into the Linux camp.  Emacs was the first download after base.  I "wallowed" in running emacs from a unix prompt before ftping more packages to dselect. 
Yeah...i have a winmodem... :=(
In terms of making an "edlin" sort of pervasive basic text editor available, AE works for this newbie.  For basic fundamental services small is beautiful.  Initially, simple is supreme.  (A full screen editor is worth the added complexity...did not mean edlin literally...)  For a base install think "keep it simple".  And do remember us newbies! 
PS  thanks!  for exsisting, i mean! :=)
PSS seems like I recieved AE and tiny-elvis...

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