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Re: gettext packages

Le Fri, May 28, 1999 at 04:31:14PM +0100, Julian Gilbey écrivait:
> I am a little confused by the gettext packages in potato and the
> archive.  Both gettext and liblocale-gettext-perl are, according to
> their control files, in the base section, but neither live in base in
> the archive.  Also, while gettext is optional, liblocale-perl-gettext
> is important.

I'm the maintainer of liblocale-gettext-perl. I wanted it to go into base
since it's needed for internationalizing many perl scripts such as
adduser. BTW, I sent a patch for adduser in the BTS but it has not yet been
applied I think. The priority important is probably too much since
I wrote the patch for adduser so that it will work without the module so
there is no need to have an explicit dependency. But the
liblocale-gettext-perl package should still be installed by default so
that when the user defines his environment variables everything is
localized. Priority standard should be enough at the present time but with
the time ... (read further)

> indeed about these two packages specifically?  Should we make them
> both important, and encourage all packages which have shell or perl
> scripts to make use of gettext, to facilitate i18n?

I think we should aim to that yes. That's why I asked it to be of priority

> And as i18n support improves, will we move towards providing all of
> the translations within the one package, or will we have one

Yes. The package should contain all the translations available I think.
That way you don't need to install a « translations-de » package when
you learn that a German is using your server. ;-)

And also so that you only have the translations of the software that you
have installed.

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