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Re: Request for autofs

From: Justin Maurer <justin@slashdot.org>
Subject: Re: Request for autofs
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 20:45:36 -0500

> > In addition, I found some problems or inconsistency of autofs 3.1.3-1
> > IMHO, /amnt is a good enough for mount point.
> ok, this is totally and completley my fault. i was trying to move autofs 
> away from /amnt, to become FHS compliant. however, i sort of messed up. 
> i have a new package sitting in my homedir on master, but i still think 
> it needs more work.

Thank you for your rapid, really rapid reply.

> i'll try to get to it this weekend, but if you'd like to do an NMU, 
> i'd be overjoyed...i have been falling behind in school recently

I wish I can do NMU but, soory, this time I can not because I am
not a Debian developer yet. I may be on a middle point in the road
to Debian developer now :)

But, you know, with the great efforts of new-maintainer team
several Japanese maintainers of Debian JP become Debian developers
only in a few weeks recently.

I hope I can also become a Debian developer and can contribute
to Debian in a short time :)

Thanks,		 	 	  1999.5.28

 Debian JP Developer - much more I18N of Debian
 Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp>
 Department of Math., Tokushima Univ.

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