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Re: Request for autofs

> So I wish the basic settings of autofs like mount poit should be
> stable unless there exist strong reason to change.
> In addition, I found some problems or inconsistency of autofs 3.1.3-1
> - It installs /etc/auto.master with the setting "/misc  /etc/auto.misc"
>   but it installs /etc/auto.amnt not /etc/auto.misc
> - I am not sure but it creats /mnt/amnt so /misc seems to be wrong
> - I remember that it installs /etc/auto.master without asking and without
>   creating /etc/auto.master.dpkg-dist although /etc/auto.master is conffiles.
> IMHO, /amnt is a good enough for mount point.

ok, this is totally and completley my fault. i was trying to move autofs 
away from /amnt, to become FHS compliant. however, i sort of messed up. 
i have a new package sitting in my homedir on master, but i still think 
it needs more work.

i'll try to get to it this weekend, but if you'd like to do an NMU, 
i'd be overjoyed...i have been falling behind in school recently

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