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Re: Time to rewrite dpkg

Chip Salzenberg <chip@perlsupport.com> writes:

> According to Chris Waters:
> > C++ is an *excellent* language, in many respects, but it does have
> > problems.  It's huge, tricky, confusing, designed-by-committee, and
> > rather difficult to use *efficiently* from *other* languages.

> Well, C++ was designed to be a systems programming language, not an
> add-on for other tools.

Well, then, IMO, they got that precisely backwards.  A good systems
programming language *should* be able to be used efficiently from
other languages, so C++ fails here.  OTOH, C++ is *excellent* at
wrapping and incorporating other models/paradigms, so it's a
*first-rate* add-on language!

If you want an efficient, fast, compiled language for writing an app,
I think C++ has few equals.  If you're writing system stuff, I think
C++ is probably a very bad choice (see my earlier post for details).

(And yes, I know about Be.)

Maybe I'm just an old fart, too entrenched in his ways to see the true
beauty of C++ for systems stuff.  But hey, I do love the language, I
just have reservations about *some* applications of it.

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