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Re: Paying CD vendors for freebies

Kenneth Scharf <scharkalvin@yahoo.com> writes:

> > Remember that the binary set is 2 CDs per arch >now....can't avoid 2
> CDs/set
> > 
> > Potato will be 3 most likely.
> >
> >Our current growth rate is 50% per release, so we'll >be lucky to fit
> >post-potato (woody?) binary dist in less than 5 CDs.

> I hope that some serious thought is given as to what goes on each cd. 
> It should be possible to fit the most important packages that 90% of
> all users need onto the first cd, and have the rest on the remaining
> cd's.  Also the packages should be grouped and cataloged in such a way
> that you could only buy the cd's that you would need.

You may want to join in on debian-cd where these things are
discussed. Maybe you want to have a look at



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