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Re: Give Out Just Binary CDS [was: Paying CD vendors for freebies]

> That's daft!  You are confusing freedom with cost. If anyone wants to
> download the source, he can.
I understand the difference.  I'm just wondering if the free (no-cost) cd
recipients do.

> Both objectives are best achieved by spreading the available resources as
> thinly as possible. 1 CD each to 1000 people is better than 4 CDs to 250.

> (This is yet another reason for organising the distribution into a core CD
> for the O/S and key applications and other CDs for optional applications.
Except that (from a marketing perspective) noone's going to want a CD that
has no applications on it.  Even here in the US (where phone calls are
free,  as apposed to,  say,  .de),  upgrading my debian boxes via phone
download is slow as dirt.  If you tell a potential user (one who's gotten
a free "core" cd from us at a show) that he's got to download for hours,
he's going to pull the cd out of the drive and borrow a friends copy of
RedHat or something.


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