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Re: Let's Debian blow... gracefully! [was Re: Intent to package GNU Philosophy web pages]

Fabien Ninoles <fab@tzone.org> writes:

> So I want to make a Suggestion:
> Creation of a sub-directory aside from main, contrib, non-free named 
> data.

I can't find anything on the official way make proposals to the
policy. Is it wrong that official proposals should be bugs against
debian-policy and at least be pgp-signed?

I would like to second a proposal like this and if this suggestion is
official enough I second it now.

> The data directory will contain packages DFSG-Free that the maintainers
> feel they can be useful to a minority of people or is too big to be
> included in the main distribution.

Is the DFSG the rigth thing for documentation.

Peter er den mindst gamle af de gammeldags usenettere, og moderator på
den eneste modererede gruppe i dk.*, so there.
                                                    - citat RockBear

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