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Let's Debian blow... gracefully! [was Re: Intent to package GNU Philosophy web pages]

Quoting Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>:

> On Tue, May 25, 1999 at 10:35:57AM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> > I changed the description so it does not say it is a mirror anymore:
> >
> > [..]
> > 
> > Does that help at all?
> Not really, but if enough people really think I'm wrong on this I won't
> press the issue.  I also didn't press the issue with the anarchists
> thing, I'm hoping for a better solution to the overall size od the
> distribution.
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Although I tend to agreed with Joseph on this point, I also think that
the main problem is still the same as with the Anarchy FAQ: No other
cool place (personal web page is not the answer because is not part of
the distribution) to place this kind of stuff.

So I want to make a Suggestion:

Creation of a sub-directory aside from main, contrib, non-free named 

The data directory will contain packages DFSG-Free that the maintainers
feel they can be useful to a minority of people or is too big to be
included in the main distribution. The main purpose is too provided
data that's is not essential to any programs in main but can be useful 
for any user. Examples of those packages are:
- Supplemental themes (a default should however be included in main);
- Some not program specific documentation;
- Tutorials;
- Astronomical data;
- Foo-Scripts;
- Funny manpages.

The following rules should be follow, however:
- No packages in main should depend solely on a package in data.
- The maintainer decision on this subject is just the same as with the
  Section: field. It's a suggestion that can be override by the archive
- The data should only contain packages compliant with the DFSG.
- The data subdirectory is an entire part of Debian. It's purpose is to
  let the CD vendors/archives maintainers/users choice between a Debian
  Light who fit on a reasonable amount of CDs, and an Debian Extended who
  can fill you're entire RAID array.

The reason for a seperate directory is for ease of mirroring and CD
building. It gives us also an easy way to check if a package can be
on data.

I will really like to see this one at least second. It's an old thread
that I saw reborn and kill too often. My english is not perfect, so it's
certainly need some correction but I think the idea is here.

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