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Re: ITP: fakedate

In article <[🔎] 99052618055002.04769@lyta> you write:
>One issue that I have been thinking about is real vs effective UIDs.  I have
>noticed when developing my library that innd does not seem to have a real UID of
>news.  Does anyone know why this is, how I can find out the real UID of a
>process, and whether anything other than looking at the effective UID should be
>done by my library?

I remember once doing this with ps. I had to read between the lines in
the man page, and was able to specify the extra fields to display, for
the set of {real,effective,?} {user,group} ids. I put the ? there, as I
thought there was something else, but can't remember right now.

Looking at the man page right now and I can't work out how I did it. I
will investigate further tomorrow.

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