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why I packaged the GNU Philosophy web pages

On Wed, 26 May, 1999, Steve Greenland wrote:
> >      Table of Contents
> >   .
> >       * About Free Software
> >       * About the GNU project
> >       * Licensing Free Software
> >       * Laws
> >       * Terminology and Definitions
> >       * GIFs
> >       * Motivation
> >       * Speeches
> >       * Third Party Ideas
> >       * Translations of these documents
> Is there any chance of convincing you that if you must package these
> and place them in the archive to please limit it to the first section
> ("About Free Software") and a pointer to the rest?

No, the other topics are important. 

'Why does Debain have a gimp package and a gimp-non-free package?'
'Because of the problems with GIFs.'
'What problems?'
'Install gnu-philosophy and read the section on GIFs.'
'Ah, thank you, I am now enlighted'

I would go so far as to suggest that over time we ought to add html links from
apt to a package like gnu-philosophy. So if gnu-philosophy is installed and a
user elects to install non-free software apt will suggest they read some of
the gnu-philosophy articles on what is wrong with non-free software. If the
user selects software that uses the GIF file format it will provide them with
a link to the information about GIF in gnu-philosophy.

I consume, therefore I am

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