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Re: Intent to package GNU Philosophy web pages

On 25-May-99, 01:47 (CDT), Edward Betts <edward@debian.org> wrote: 
> On Mon, 24 May, 1999, Steve Greenland wrote:
> > There are other reasons that free software is good (e.g. the ESR
> > utilitarian arguments). Some Debianers might agree with one philosophy,
> > others another. If you're going to package one, and the justification is
> > as above, then you need to package summaries of all the reasons.
> And if you want to you can package the ESR view point and upload it.

I don't think either (any!) of them should be placed in the main archive.

> Why should they include the GNU view of free software when there are others
> around?

Are you being deliberatly obtuse? I was pointing out that there *may* be
an appropriate place for *all* such political/philosophy documents. In
*particular*, it strikes me that the GNU "why free" docs combine well
with the DFSG and SC. (Of course, that was before I realized you were
talking about several hundred Kbytes.)


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