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Re: RFD: Debian advertising in LJ, elsewhere

So long as the intent is to allow people to make better decisions
about what distribution to use, instead of simply to switch as many
people as possible to using Debian.

We do not want to switch people if they're better off using some other
distribution, and nor do we wish to waste effort switching someone who 
is equally well off whether they use Debian or some other distribution.

The most beneficial way is to write an article (which you don't even have
to pay LJ for!) that tries to direct each reader to the distribution 
that's best for them.

By being one-sided, advertisements have a higher tendency to direct 
people _away_ from what's best for them; and are also less credible.

However, an ad may be beneficial in redressing imbalance in image
portrayal if such an imbalance exists.


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