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RFD: Debian advertising in LJ, elsewhere

[Please direct followups to debian-cd-vendors; thanks!]

I think it might be a good idea for all of the Debian vendors (or many
of them, at any rate) to put in some money toward running an ad in LJ,
featuring the new logo, and touting Debian's technical superiority
over the other distributions.

Basically, the idea is to run a full-page ad, the top 2/3 of which
would just be a general advertisement for Debian (# of packages, most
complete architecture support of any distribution, superior package
management system, compatibility with Linux standards, open
development model, etc.); at the bottom, an alphabetical list of the
ad's sponsors would be presented, with perhaps something like "Get
Debian from any of these vendors:" over the top.

I'd like to do something that would coincide with the release of
potato (2.2).  If something comes of the "GNU Inside" effort, it could
incorporate that too (perhaps in lieu of using "GNU/Linux", though I
guess that would be up to a majority of the paying participants in the

Any comments?

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