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Re: evan leibovitch and the LPI certification tests

RH isn't "competition" to debian except in the most positive sense of
friendly rivalry.  We have different aims, different goals.  Their
goal is to produce and market a linux distribution which keeps their
company financially viable.  Our goal is to produce a distribution
which does what we want with entirely free software.  Sometimes these
goals co-incide or complement each other. sometimes they don't.  They
certainly don't conflict or harm each other.

Well, maybe, but the fact is that Debian could use some sponsorships or major donations, and as long as RH keeps the spotlight, guess who they go to? Eventually, we have to get Debian out of its shell and get "the average linux user" (If there is such a thing) to use Debian more. If we don't, what is the point of pouring so much work into making such a useful and _flexible_ distribution?

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