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Hurray! and thanks! Re: Update ... Re: Ethernet newbee failure

Thanks to Tony Mancill for pointing out:


The 3c5x9setup program takes the 509 out of PnP mode and lets you set the
base and IRQ addresses and write them into the eeprom.

I set the card using 3c5x9setup to the base address 300 and IRQ 10 and
that was all it took. I was even able to set the irq on the second machine
to 12 (what Win'95 thinks the card is on) and the Linux driver came up on
the right interrupt!

I have now reached Network Administrator, Junior Grade, and am the proud
owner of a, soon to be, three machine LAN.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out of this boggy pit, I could never have
done it without your help.

Now, to set up Samba ...


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