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Re: Homapages in list of maintainers

Are there any objections for Ukai's taking charge of 
New Maintainers Interview in Japan ?

If not, Please tell me the address to contact about this.
Is new-maintainer@debian.org the correct address to contact ?

In article <y5a4slit0km.fsf@xlj06203.nifty.ne.jp>
 Taketoshi Sano <xlj06203@nifty.ne.jp> (me :) writes:

> Hi !
> In article <14136.22905.293353.87502G@lavender.debian.gr.jp>
>  Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp> writes:
> > I can volunteer to do it, if it is really needed and anyone object to it.
> > I've been maintain Debian JP machines, ftp archive, web server,
> > mailing-list and Debian official mirror in Japan about two years or three.
> Thank you for your proposal :). I think it is required very much to get 
> the Debian project to be more global organization as fast as we can,
> because if more people can join the project smoothly, the project can 
> get more resource to do various task. if someone has the required condition
> to pass the verification by the New Maintainers Group, I can not find 
> the merit of keep him (or her) in the long waiting queue. If the problem
> is only related to the human power, the action to do should be to increase
> the member of the Group, not to keep the queue longer.
> Adam Di Calro told "Remember that approving new maintainer is 
> a very _sensitive_ area", and I think it should be, but if the members in
> the Debian Project want to make this project to be true global and universal,
> an action to make the waiting queue shorter should be taken anyway now or
> in the near future.
> I am eager to know if anyone has objection.

  Taketoshi Sano: <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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