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Re: Release Plans (1999-05-10)

Ossama Othman wrote:
> GNOME has been copied from the staging area into potato.  I believe
> that just about all of the GNOME packages that I copied into Incoming
> have been installed into the archive.  However, at least two packages
> should get into the archive before the freeze libgtop1 and libghttp1. 

These are installed now.

> It'd also be nice to get GNOME for slink out too.  All that really
> needs to be done is to build all of the packages we built for potato
> for slink.  The current GNOME slink packages are not all up-to-date
> with the potato packages.  Many of us don't have slink installed or
> don't have a chrooted slink setup so any help with getting GNOME slink
> up-to-date would be greatly appreciated.

Do you mean make GNOME 1.0 available for slink, separately?  It's far
too large a change to be part of a stable revision.

Richard Braakman

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