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Re: Install-time byte-compiling: Why bother?

<rjk@greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Chris Waters writes:
> > I *strongly* oppose eliminating it, and I'm not real big on the idea
> > of making the default be "off".  Installing new packages takes a
> > while, I don't mind a few extra moments there.  I *do* mind run-time
> > delays, even if they're small,
> There is always a delay; this is unavoidable.  The question is how big
> the delay is.
> Run-time compilation of elisp would slow things down slightly.  In
> many cases if you didn't time it, you wouldn't even notice.
> I know what I think is better for the novice!

I agree with Chris, and also oppose eliminating install time byte-compilation
by default. Actually I think the current system works well in general.


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