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Intent to package t-gnus

Hi,I'm packaging software, t-gnus.

t-gnus is latest branch of Semi-gnus.
Semi-gnus is "Replacement of Gnus with gnus-mime for SEMI."
and Debian package is available. (main/news).

SEMI is "Library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emacs."
Debian package is available. (main/mail).


* New codename: "T-gnus"

  In order to distinguish "ichikawa" branch from other branches, codename
  was changed to "T-gnus" , gnu with T-Shirt.

* New Features

  Use T-gnus in offline(Unplugged) status using gnus-offline.
  T-gnus have also features that have "shuhei-k" branch, "chao-6_9" branch
  , "keiichi" branch and the MainTrunk.

Liesence: GPL

Replaces: gnus, semi-gnus
Provides: gnus, semi-gnus, news-reader, mail-reader
Depends: emacsen, custom | emacs20 | xemacs20, apel, flim, semi | wemi
Conflicts: gnus, semi-gnus



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