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Re: Current problems with libc6_2.1.1-2

Quoting Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu>:

> Is my machine a ticking time bomb or something?  Will it not boot up next
> time I have to reboot?
> Other than putting the acct package on hold, I've been tracking potato
> pretty closely.

I'm not sure about glibc requiring 2.2.x but I have noticed (at least with
one particular machine) that gnome/enlightenment (together) doesn't like
2.0.x kernels...

fresh install (3 times in a row) using the stock kernel for some reason if
you (well, me) use gnome-session to start up enlightenment, enlightenment hangs
during startup.  Immediatly upgrade to 2.2.5 and blamo...it works.

this is just strange...


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