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Re: Packages to give away

On Sun, 09 May 1999, Edward Betts wrote:

> xfig and transfig maintainer here.

> I am not really sure what the question is, but as the poster points
> out, there are unfixed bugs for xfig and transfig. I have exams
> coming up (it is that time of year again). I can work on Debian
> after June, but I am going to have to leave it for now.

> I am afraid that xfig and transfig are not really the right packages
> for me. I hardly use X anymore, and I do not know enough X code to
> understand all of the xfig code.

> So if somebody wants theses packages they can have them. On a side
> note, somebody is working on a portuguese translation of xfig.

I don't really "want" them (I also don't know much about X internals
and I'm writing on my diploma thesis, which reduces my available time
very much), but I regularly use xfig, so I could take this over, if
nobody else volunteers.

But I cannot promise to close all bug reports in the next days. I had
a look at the list and there are some, which can be closed or simply
fixed, but there are many others, which aren't trivial to reproduce or 
which should be forwarded to the upstream author (after checking, that 
they aren't fixed already by the actual upstream versions).



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