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xfig and transfig

Hi everyone, I am a member of Debian JP.

xfig and transfig (fig2dev) are compiled with correct
option for I18N in those Imakefiles like

#define I18N

but unfortunately there still remain some problems to use

I found that these are already reported to BTS but it seems
not to be fixed yet. So I ask here about these problems.

Fundamentally, there are only two fixes.

- Install /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/ja_JP.ujis/app-defaults/Fig
which contains entries as follows:

Fig.international: true
Fig*international: false

# This causes no effect if you don't set LANG=ja_JP.ujis

- Install xfig-3.2.2/Doc/html/japanese/japanese.ps
to /usr/lib/fig2dev/ja_JP.ujis.ps

Thanks in advance		1999.5.9

 Atsuhito Kohda
 Dep. Math., Tokushima Univ.

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