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Re: Debian coding style?

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On 9 May 1999 05:29:53 -0400, Zygo Blaxell wrote:

>It would appear that this rule combined with the 78-column line length is
>designed to make all functions fit on a single page of printed paper. This
>is a completely arbitrary decision (why 78? Why not 130? Why 50 lines,
>and not 64, or 86?) and one that can have a negative impact on technical
>quality of the code. The impact of this rule on code quality can be
>similar to the impact of paying programmers per line of code written.

    Actually, I think it is because most programmers that I know of who code
in at the console (not GUI) have a screen size of 80x50.  :)

>Keep functions a reasonable size.  If you actually have to count lines
>or characters to determine whether a function is reasonable in size,
>then you are probably not qualified to write them.  

    *snicker*  I liked this one.

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