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Intent to Orphan gtk+-docs

I know that I just picked up this package less than a month ago, but
I've looked at the amount of work that needs to be done with it and
realized that I probably won't have the time to work on it until
around the end of July (after I get back from my trip to Germany,
before school resumes for fall quarter), so I'm wondering if anyone
else can pick up the package before then.  If not, then I will hold
it and do the necessary work then, this is just a request for someone
to do it earlier, if possible.

The most suitable documentation to go into this package, as I see it,
is the following:

1) The GTK+/GLIB Reference Documentation Projects

  As somone who wishes to get into GTK+ programming, I know that
  reference documentation is definitely a plus (just like my copy
  of Java in a Nutshell was all I needed to make it through CS 1502
  here)... this is definitely one of the most important things to
  go into this package.  The documentation is in SGML IIRC, with 
  which I have no experience, hence my inability to make enough time
  to work on it now.

2) Any other specks of documentation not found in any of the libgtk
   doc packages

  I haven't looked extensively though the libgtk{,1.1,1.2}-doc
  packages, so I'm not sure exactly what's missing and what's 
  already included therein, which I'd have to do before deciding
  what to include in gtk+-docs.

So if you're interested, contact me, and if no one has by the time I
return, then I'll continue my work on this package...


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