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Intend to package NIS+ Utilities

A more detailed description of NIS+ support can be found at 

Any support by an experienced developer would be appreciated.


NIS+ Utilities 

The current version of nis-utils: 1.0 

The NIS+ Utilities are a collection of NIS+ administration and testing tools. 
They contain: nisaddcred,
nisaddent, niscat, nischgrp, nischmod, nischown, nischttl, nisdefaults, 
niserror, nisgrep, nisgrpadm,
nisinit, nislog, nisls nismatch, nismkdir, nispath, nisping, nisrm, nisrmdir, 
nisshowcache, nisstat,
nistbladm, nistest and nisupdkeys.
With this, Linux could act as full NIS+ client. The shadow support from 
nispasswd is missing, but the
other parts works. There are some first tries to write a NIS+ Server, but the 
current sources are in
pre-alpha stage and doesn't work. 


Other useful packages:

      The Linux automounter autofs contains NIS+ support since version 3.1.0. 
      You could find it under ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/daemons/autofs/ 

      NIS+ Administration tool:
      Ralf Lehmann has written a NIS+ Administration tool ( 
nistool-0.1alpha.tar.gz ). You need perl-tk
      for it. 

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