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Re: Debian coding style?

In article <E10fuvN-0003H1-00@rpglink.com>,
Steve Lamb <morpheus@rpglink.com> wrote:
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>On Sat, 8 May 1999 01:36:40 +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>> 10. Function/method size: bigger is not better. Functions and methods 
>>>shold be kept to a maximum of 40-50 lines. Larger methods should be broken 
>>>down into several smaller methods.
>>I tend to use functional blocks in a function as guideline instead of
>    This one kinda tweaks me.  Now, is that 40-50 functional lines (IE, not
>counting the braces) or total lines?  Also, given that code size "should" fit
>on the screen (defined as, what?  80 characters?  What the programmer decides
>to size his screeen to at the moment?) one could go the perl route and just
>code everything on one line.

I've been interpreting it as actual lines. Now, with the requirements to
put all curly braces on its own line _plus_ the need to put curly braces
around all if/while/for (including single liners), functionality
wise...? hehe...

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