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Re: Debian coding style?

In article <19990508013640.I10190@mors.net>,
Wichert Akkerman  <wichert@cs.leidenuniv.nl> wrote:
>> 4. Code width: The complete line of code should be visible without having=
> to
>> scroll horizontally - i.e. it should normally not pass the 78th column.
>With C++ and STL code you'll never be able to use that, the names just
>get too long. (example: I have a type called
>IntelligenceFactor::AnswerIterator::const_iterator in a project).=20

You basically wind up with something like this in many instances:

IntelligenceFactor::AnswerIterator::const_iterator(vector<string> v,
																									 it, string 

Kinda painful eh? %-P

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