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Re: Debian coding style?

On Fri, May 07, 1999 at 09:20:50PM -0400, Amy Fong wrote:
> >I don't know about the Debian community, but *I* certainly will be
> >extremely unhappy with this.  Hungarian notation *removes* flexibility
> >from the code, breaks badly in the face of complex type systems such
> >as C++ offers, and provides little or no advantages if you have
> >adequate tools (ctags/etags, decent compiler warnings, proper
> >prototypes, etc.)  I won't actually come to your house and kill you if
> >you use hungarian notation, but the thought will probably cross my
> >mind.  :-)
> Same here (unhappy, no, not unhappy, upset) with Hungarian notation, 2
> space tab.

Hungarian-style notations have their uses, but I stopped using them when
I started learning C because frankly C is much more flexible and it
really only adds to the confusion.

I -LIKE- 2 space tabstop, but I also make sure that saved stuff uses
spaces rather than tabs so people don't become amazingly confused with
the results of my tabstops...  =>

> Is there anybody who actually _likes_ hungarian notation and/or n != 8 space
> tab? I'm basically trying to collect data points here (because those are
> the only rules that I disagree with that they insist on).

Ahh---I see!  You're trying to convince them to let you not do it because
we'd be annoyed by it then?  ;>  Plans within plans within plans!

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