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Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal

On Fri, May 07, 1999 at 01:58:28PM -0700, Chris Waters wrote:
> > 3. On the issue of QT. please note that I don't believe that Debian
> > should use this.  I would rather see your UI based around something
> > like GTK. When I mention QT it is only to do with Corel's version of
> > the setup UI , which to point out again, is not built into the setup
> > API .
> Fair enough, and pretty much what I expected.  However, I'd just like
> to make sure that we aren't limited to GTK and QT, or even GTK, QT,
> and console.  I'd like to keep our options open.  I still have an
> ongoing interest in GNUStep, and heck, if someone wants to build a
> Debian-with-CDE system, I think we should leave room for it.  Oh, and
> don't forget the Athena-Desktop-Environment project!  :-)

xtifr, you should be fwopped for suggesting the xaw thing....  =>

The rest of the above paragraph makes perfect sense and I agree

> > 4.Frame buffer. Again if it can be demonstrated that it works under
> > the requirements that I have been given(a nice GUI based front end
> > -> GTK/QT2 widgets) then yes we'll use it.
> Again, I think flexibility is probably the best approach.  If the
> VGA16 server works best for x86, but framebuffer works best for some
> other platforms, why not make it configurable (by the person building
> the CD images, not necessarily by the end users).  At a minimum, maybe
> something like:
> # ifdef __i386__
> # else
> # endif
> #endif

Using the framebuffer might be the best idea for x86 too if the VGA
framebuffer works like the matrox one and can still let you run things
like xgvalib and XF86_* servers...

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<netgod> surely you didnt think that was static? how lame would that be? 

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