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mysterious dying process on 2.1->2.2 upgrade

I've been upgrading a 2.1 box to 2.2 (unstable) and I've seen about five
mysterious crashes during the upgrade :-( Apart from that, the upgrade was
as smooth as the Hubble mirror [1])

The machine is an old MCA box (PS/2 95/95 server), with 32MB of memory and
64 of swap. Occasionally I was running a compile of a 3k C file, but
sometimes I was just editing said file with vi.

The machine had just been installed using "Standard" install.

It hasn't got much disk space, but the swap was hardly touched so it's not a
memory problem. It could be dodgy hardware, but it's been fine so far.

The crashes have varied from vi crashing to bash crashing (SEGV).  I've seen
some compliants about shared libraries (I was in the middle of a vi session
when that message popped up and vi crashed).  I've a core of the bash
segfault if that helps.

The crashes all occured in the "setup" phase - maybe it was my imagination,
but one was during the ld.so upgrade and I think some of the others were
during library setups (maybe there is a race condition around the "ldconfig"

The machine is a P60 (or P90) and the disk light is glowing most of the time.

[1] I said "smooth", not "flawless" :-)



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