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Re: Desktop Entry Standard

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Gnome/KDE are standardizing their equivalent of the Debian menu system,
> these little .desktop files. It would be nice if maintainers only had to
> supply .desktop files, instead of .desktop files and the Debian menu
> entries. So I thought I'd bring it up here; maybe interested developers
> would like to send comments to the authors of the standard, to be sure it
> has all the features of the Debian system (and could therefore replace it
> someday).

Actually the way it works now is maintainers supply only menu files and the
menu package generates the .desktop files from them as needed. I remember
writing that menu method file for kde packages a few years back...

If we did stitch over to using .desktop files we would still need an
equivlant to menu that converts them into rc files for everything that
doesn't understand that file format.

Anyway, my impression of the file format is that it looks general enough,
though it may be missing specific fields we use now, they could easily be

I'm quite ambivilant about switching to it now. Maybe there will be
compelling reasons in the future, if there are I'm confident it'll be
flexable enough to accomidate us.

see shy jo

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