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logos: done! v1.0 released

Hello !

This is my list message about the logos : the job is done.


Here are the [graphic] bugs which have been fixed :

- Pancho has now a Sancho's face ( j'me comprends, j'me comprends...);

- The choice of the colours for DQM has been fixed in order that nobody
could say :"look at the yellow hat !" which was not exactly my goal.
The result you can see has an "historical" justification : at the end of
the second part of Cervantes Don Quichotte, Samson Carasco disguised
himself as the White Moon's knight to get the better of Don Quichotte
and, thus, force our errant knight to come back in his house. Samson
succeeded, and Don Quichotte, came back to a disillusionned world, died. 
I have a good news : DQM defeated Carasco, and that's why he has some
pieces of his armour !
Se non e vero, ...

- Now the result of the decrease color depth to 2 bits, by a
Floyd-Steinberg's error diffusion method is good ( you can see the 2
bits versions on the web page or get them by ftp.


Who doesn't understand the pertinence of the choice has not a logical
spirit. Actually, we have the following theorem :

DQM's theorem : "The ways of reason are not the reasonable ways."

Demonstration :
Carl von Clausewitz, in Vom Kriege, Book 1, chapter III, has established
the proposition :

P1 :" The war is the world of spirit, because it's the world of

The same author has also established ( Book 1, Chapter VII ) the
proposition :

P2 :" [..] [T]he real theorist seems like a swimming teacher who tells
ones to do in dry place the gestures which have to be done in water,
gestures which seem ridiculous and exaggerated to the ones who don't
think of water."

So, war is the world of reason (P1).
But to behave wih intelligence seems ridiculous in the common life (P2).
So, intelligence has nothing to deal with common life, and common ways.
And the common ways are what we call : reasonable ones.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum...


What will become of this proposal now depends on Debian's actual
If they choose this one, then the logos will perhaps become mines ( just
let me the time to finish a (first) reading of M. J. BACH and Richard
STEVENS reference books, and I come back to rage in the list :-).
If they don't, I'll give the two phenomena asylum at Polynum's, where
they will illustrate the free/gratis and free/commercial works.


You can see the two logos, side by side, in colour and in black and
white, at the following location :


Or you can get by anonymous ftp, at polynum.com, in the directory
/pub/debian/logos/, the files :

debian_logos-1.0.jpeg.tar 30720 bytes

debian_logos-1.0_2bits.jpeg.tar 40960 bytes 


If you need/want to contact me : thierry.laronde@polynum.com.
Please note that I will be unreachable between sunday May 9th and sunday
May 16th ( I will actually unsubscribe the lists).

Thanks for reading,

thierry LARONDE.

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