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Re: not using debian as firewall!

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, David Bristel wrote:
>That was my point, you CAN turn the services off, but having those services is
>the ONLY reason why any UNIX MIGHT be considered a poor choice of a firewall.
>And, with gated, the only reason why Cisco would hold an edge is that the PCI
>bus gets saturated too easily.

Debian is no more dependant on a PC system with PCI bus than any other
distribution.  There are PCs on the market with more than one PCI bus.  I
believe that IBM has some PC server systems with two PCI busses and an EISA bus
(not that you'd want EISA).  Also I have read reports of RS/6000 systems with
10 PCI slots, wouldn't this require 3 PCI busses at least?
Recently Network World Fusion http://www.nwfusion.com/ announced the release of
aq Linux based router system which could handle full routing between 30
saturated gigabit-Ethernet interfaces (it could handle more interfaces but not
at gigabit speed).  This device was planned to sell for $US300K.

Russell Coker

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