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Re: Debian GNU/AmigaOS

Ysgrifennodd quango@watervalley.net ar Sat, May 01, 1999 at 02:34:55PM -0500:
> On May 01, Edward John M. Brocklesby wrote:
> > since most of the GNU stuff (including GCC) has been ported to AmigaOS, I
> > intend to start working on Debian GNU/AmigaOS.
> Sounds like an interesting project; however, I'm not sure AmigaOS is a
> good environment for running POSIX programs (particularly since *BSD
> and Linux are both available for the Amiga... and both could use some
> dedicated work).  But that's just my two cents ;-)

Yes.  However, it's got VM (non-free), and ixemul.library provides most posix
calls (no fork() though, only vfork).. still, it should be interesting :)

Now, if only I could find my AmigaOS install disk :(

> Anyway, best of luck...


Diolch, Edward.

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