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Re: Tactics for eliminating spam

Guy Maor <maor@debian.org> writes:

> A really good method of eliminating most spam is to file email without
> a To header in a spam folder.

Even better reject anything without a To to you or a mailing list
address you're subscribed to, e.g. I use this in gnus:

|          [ 100's of rules for mailing lists and other personal addresses ]
| 	("personal" "^\\(To\\|Cc\\).*james@nocrew.org")
|       ("spam" "")))

That kills all the "To: afriend@public.com" (or whatever it is) type
ones.  Another possibility, assuming you don't use a pop3 (IIRC) server
which generates them, is to spam-folder anything with an "X-UIDL"


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