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Re: perl and CPAN updates

According to Piotr Roszatycki:
> I think it would be simpler if some perl libraries went to
> standalone packages.

Debian is free to break up the Perl base, but I don't recommend it.
It would undermine the whole point of those modules being in the
upstream distribution in the first place.  You could just upgrade bits
of the perl base -- CAREFULLY -- when making a new perl-base.deb.

> And what about some auto-mechanism for new CPAN modules? Something
> like cpan-debianiser to making Debian packages from CPAN's tar.gz?

As a tool to help Debian maintainers, sure.  But it's a Bad Idea if
users run it -- if Some::Vital::Module is updated by its author, and
it contains a bad bug, *boom*.
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