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Re: Rumination on the new list idea, another take

On Thu, 29 Apr, 1999, tony mancill wrote:
> Taken from c.o.l.a.:
>    "WWWThreads is a fast/reliable discussion forum licensed under the GNU
>    GPL. Combining and adding upon the best features of available forum
>    packages it offers a multitude of end user options that include both
>    flat or threaded displays, expandable and collapsable threads, private
>    messages, user profiles, search engines, file attachments, board
>    subscriptions and more. A total admin package includes moderators,
>    unlimited boards, ban/unban username or ip, close threads, expire
>    threads and more. Runs off of Mysql for reliability and will run under
>    mod perl for speed.
>    The source code and a demo can be found at http://www.wwwthreads.org";
> Isn't this almost exactly what we need?

From /usr/doc/debian/FAQ/debian-faq.txt.gz:

  Debian GNU/Linux is

  o  free to use and redistribute:  There is no consortium membership or
     payment required to participate in its distribution and
     development.  All packages that are formally part of Debian
     GNU/Linux are free to redistribute, usually under terms specified
     by the GNU General Public License.  The Debian FTP archives also
     carry approximately 400 software packages (in the non-free and
     contrib directories at the FTP archives), which are distributable
     under specific terms included with each package.

mysql is NON-FREE software, that means it is WRONG, BAD, IRRELEVANT, BROKEN,

Debian is built on free software, we don't not want, use, or advocate non-free
software. No debian developers or users have pgp, netscape, xanim, doom or quake
installed on there computers.

There is certainly no non-free software, like pgp or glimpse, on our servers.
So we defiantly are not going to install and use mysql.

If we used mysql, we would be as bad as as slashdot, freshmeat, and themes.org

I consume, therefore I am

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